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It is our people and knowledge that separates LSG Creative from the competition.

Our Story & Work

The journey began four years ago with the intention of helping businesses in both Bristol and across the UK improve their page ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, and as a consequence, improve the amount of business they did.

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The LSG Journey

From humble beginnings to multiple offices and customers worldwide.

Our belief and strategy was that if we could improve a client’s page ranking the subsequent increase in business would more than pay for the work we did. The business continues to grow to over 240 active clients around the world and three franchises in the UK on that same philosophy and we are proud that LSG Creative is now one of the UK’s most effective and affordable SEO companies.  However that was only part of the philosophy. Another part involved achieving successful page ranking increases through solely ethical methods.

In the fable of the The hare and the tortoise we chose to adopt the role of the tortoise. In SEO terms, that meant we opted to achieve long-lasting results for our clients through steady page ranking improvement, as opposed to instant short-term visible results which would prove to be highly damaging in the long term because of the unethical methods used and which Google ultimately penalises. At LSG Creative all the team work in a very transparent manner.

We don’t keep what we do a closely guarded secret, though sometimes it is not what you do, but how you do it that makes all the difference. We have a team of ten in the UK based in the South West and our base in the Philippines has a total of 30 staff who are highly qualified in website development and fluent in English. The manual submission of your website to high quality UK directories, repetitive website development tasks such as product uploading and minor website amendments, all can be time consuming and ultimately costly to you. Our aim is to make the services of LSG Creative as affordable as possible.

The team in Cebu City, Philippines are highly knowledgeable in what they do and are sole employees of LSG who pay more than double the living wage. We also have staff in the UK who speak fluently in Tagalog. However you will also see from a section on this website that the final part of our philosophy is ‘Content is King’. By that I mean that it is the written content of your website, blog articles and SEO articles which will have a massive influence on your page ranking.

That is why we only employ a professional British writers, more than twenty off them who create all the website content, blog articles and SEO copy for the LSG clients. We are proud of the fact that we have helped so many businesses in Bristol and across the globe achieve far greater business success through our ability to have those businesses rank highly on Page 1 of Google search results by using multi-channel digital marketing.

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